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October 05, 2016



Keynote Session



Marcus Reis
Vice President, ESSS


Challenges in Oil & Gas Production Platform Projects: Historical and Future Perspectives

Jansen Martins Lopes
Manager of E&P Production Processes, PETROBRAS


Simulation and the IoT for O&G Industry: The Birth of the Digital Twin

Vedanth Srinivasan
Technical Account Director Fluids Specialist, ANSYS, Inc.




CAE Applications in the Engineering of Subsea Flexible Pipe Equipment

Hugo Almeida
CAE Leader, Technip


Customized Software for Special Applications in Oil and Gas

Leonardo Paes Rangel
Fuel and Energy Consultant,, ESSS


CFDOIL - Trajectory and Tributes

Clovis R. Maliska
Professor, SINMEC-UFSC



Technical Sessions 1
Fluid Dynamics
Technical Sessions 2
Fluid Dynamics
Technical Sessions 2
Structural & Multiphysics

Flow, Acoustic and Structural Interactions of the High Pressure Flare System of P-58

Ana Paula Faria and Raphael Bacchi, ESSS and Ricardo Serfaty, PETROBRAS

A CFD Study of Jet Pumps Performance

Michele Pedroso, PETROBRAS

Industrial Internet of Things: Unleashing the Potential of Connected Products and Services in the O&G Industry

Juliano Mologni, ESSS

CFD Analysis of Spray Injection to Control Corrosion in Distillation Overhead Systems

Guilherme Pimentel de Maria da Silva and Gustavo José Simões, PETROBRAS

CFD Study of Reactive Compressible Systems

Bianca Teixeira and Raphael Bacci, ESSS
/ José Barros, UFMG / Marcelo Guerra, LUMAR METALS / Marco Gabaldo, Te.Co.S srl
/ Eduardo Oliveira, PETROBRAS

Simulation of Acoustic Silencer for the Screw Compressor

Leonardo Junqueira Mattana Saturnino and Mateus Louis Vieira, PETROBRAS

Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Applied for flare Studies

Daniel Evandro Ludwig, Marcos Antonio Pinto do Amaral, Mauro Cresta de Barros Dolinsky and Renata Dias Ambrósio, PETROBRAS

Evaluation of Particle Deposition in Pipelines in a Petrochemical Plant using CFD

Carlos Caruso, BRASKEM

Determination of the Minimum Fillet Weld leg Required for small Diameter Connections with half Sleeve Nipples

Hervandil Morosini Sant'Anna, PETROBRAS

Use of CFD in Ocean Engineering

Daniel Fonseca de Carvalho e Silva, PETROBRAS

Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Diesel Injection for the Preservation of a Flowline Filled with oil in Ultra-Deepwaters"

Gabriel Goes, Queiroz Galvão

Innovative Towers Engineering Design with Multiphysics Simulation

Juliano Mologni and Mauricio Pacheco, ESSS / Batista Luz, Leo Snovareski and Ricardo Damian, Jet Towers

Fluid Dynamic Evaluation of Flare/Air Blower System of a Process Plant

João Victor Barbosa Alves and Paulo Roberto Pagot, PETROBRAS/Radix

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Reactive Systems Applied to Process Equipments

Ana Paula Faria, ESSS

Impact Energy Absorption by Steel Plates

Mario Castro, Technip



Technological Challenges and the Contribution of CFD in Wells Projects

Thiago Judson, PETROBRAS

Failure Assessment in Hydrocarbon Line due to Corrosion-Erosion

Diogo Dantas Ribeiro, Fernando César Lopes de Oliveira and Franciele Meira Ferreira, PETROBRAS

​Evaluation of the Torpedo Anchorage Behavior on Cohesive Soil

José Renato, UFRJ

Heat Exchanger WHRU: a Fluid Dynaminc Analysis

Karolline Ropelato and Raphael Bacchi, ESSS / Francisco Miller and Victor souza, PETROBRAS

CFD as a Tool for Gas Detectors Positioning: Best Practices and Challenges

Bruno Barbabela, Bureau Veritas

Numerical Evaluation of PIG Passage Along Petrobras Test Circuit

Maurício Rangel Pacheco and Raphael David Aquilino Bacchi, ESSS / Eduardo Teixeira and André Maricato, PETROBRAS

CFD Simulation of Entry Cyclones on the Platform Separator System

Fabricio Soares da Silva and João Victor Barbosa Alves, PETROBRAS/Radix

Flow-Based Methodology Applied to the Analysis of Mechanical Pumping Operation

Daniel da Cunha Ribeiro, UFES

FEA Examples for Subsea Equipment – Local Stress Approaches Comparison via DNVGL RP C203 / ANSYS ACT for API 17L Stress Assessment

Hugo Almeida, Technip

Fuel Analysis and Combusting Equipment Evaluation Using ANSYS Reaction Workbench and ANSYS Chemkin Pro

Raphael Bacchi, ESSS

Fluid Dynamic Simulation of a Flare System

Karolline Ropelato and Rodrigo Peralta Muniz Moreira, ESSS / Frederico Catalao de Carvalho, PETROBRAS

​Numerical Evaluation of VIV Phenomena Applied to Subsea Equipment using CFD

Bianca Teixeira, ESSS

Closse Session