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Workshop: Best Practices for Quality Assurance in CAE Simulations

  1. Using CAE commercial software correctly: challenges and dangers
  2. Tech tips for geometry generation and cleaning
  3. Mesh generating for FEA and CFD simulations: necessary tests and care
  4. Model selection: tips and tricks to better represent the real world in virtual environment
  5. Tips to assure a better numerical convergence in FEA and CFD
  6. Customizing the pre-processing environment: ACT and other tools
  7. Suggestions for a better post-processing

Instructor: Carlos Fontes
October 04, 2016 | Duration: 4 hours (08:30 am to 12:30 pm)
Investment: R$ 250.00

(20% off for students, 60% off for authors of approved works)

2. Workshop: Introduction to Fluid-Structure Simulation

  1. Overview of Fluid-Structure Interaction
  2. Modeling Approaches and Classification of FSI
  3. Solution Methods
  4. ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS CFD Applications

Instructor: Bianca Teixeira
Octobre 04, 2016 | Duration: 4 hours (13:30 pm to 17:30 pm)
Investment: R$250,00

(20% off for students, 60% off for authors of approved works)


Centro Empresarial Cidade Nova
Av. Presidente Vargas, 3131
12º floor – 1203
Cidade Nova - CEP 20210-031
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Additional Information

• The simulation courses are four-hour courses, and will all be offered on October 4th, 2016.

• If you wish to pick a different course after having sent your enrollment form, please contact the organizing committee.

• Our staff will contact you with information about the accepted payment methods.

• Your subscription will be confirmed after payment confirmation

• Training participants do not have to pay the event’s enrollment fee.